Week Three…Done and Done

This week I knew I was going to be away from home a lot more, so I chose an earring tutorial that I thought would be more simple and less time consuming, but still offer something new for me to learn.  I did the Woven Bezel Earrings Tutorial from Timeless Wire Weaving by Lisa Barth.

When I started this project, I was thinking I could do it quickly and simply because the only thing new is the crossover technique at the top part of the earrings.  So I cut the needed wire and then started to weave…with 24 gauge wire.  I hit a road block right away.  See when I first started wire wrapping a few years ago I used 26 gauge wire exclusively, but about a year ago I started using 28 gauge wire because it is so forgiving and pliable and also common in the tutorials I was working on.  So when I tried to weave with the 24 gauge, which I had used as a base wire at one point, I didn’t make it very far.  See the picture below.

Meager attempt to weave with 24 gauge wire


I immediately realized that I was in for a lot of frustration if I continued and I didn’t have a lot of patience at the time, so I opted to do the earrings with 26 gauge wire.  The weaving went pretty fast and turned out nice which made me happy.  I did notice a difference in how my earrings looked less “chunky” than the tutorial, but I had already completed the weaving part of the earrings.

Now it was time for the “new” skill part that I hadn’t done before.  At first the instructions didn’t make sense, but I figured it out.  The process was interesting because of all the wires sticking out at different angles.  I was trying to get the wires to cross over each other correctly while leaving the same amount of space in between as I worked up the earrings.  I completed the earrings step by step together so I could get a mirror image design with both, but it didn’t really work out that way…at least to my critical eye.

This is the first earring I made, but the crossover technique did not turn out like I wanted.  However, it is still pretty good for my first try.
This is the second earring and the crossover technique turned out very nice
Finished Pair of earrings

I know I am my own worst critic and a perfectionist to boot, so sometimes I feel like my creations don’t really have a chance at all, but I am trying change that.  I didn’t want to accept these earrings as something nice because they didn’t turn out to be a perfect match and they didn’t look like the tutorial picture because I changed from 24 gauge to 26 gauge, but this turned out to be a good opportunity for me…an opportunity to realize that something doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and accepted.  So this week, I chose to accept my earrings as something that while they are not perfect, they are something I made and they are beautiful.  Now to apply that to myself and other areas of my life…that is a bigger challenge, but I am thankful to have that opportunity this week…to see beauty in something a little messy.

As a side note on the 24 gauge weaving. I didn’t think I would need to do that skill, so I didn’t bother with it when I made my earrings, but I later realized that if I wanted to make different bracelets in the same book in the coming months I would need that skill.  I wondered if I could get to the point of doing it or not, but I am pleased to show you that I can.  It just takes a different mindset to weave with it because the 24 gauge wire isn’t very forgiving, so I need to make each wrap nice as I go and not “fix it” later.  So time and patience won out with that skill…I also got reacquainted with my friend the ring clamp to hold my wires as I am weaving.

Practice weaving with 24 gauge wire…I can do it after all. 🙂

That is all for now, I am really looking forward to the tutorial that I will be working on next week!  It is one from Nicole Hanna and it looks like it will be involved, but I am up for the challenge!


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