Week Four Posted At Last

Last week I chose to do the Faery’s Tear Pendant Tutorial by Nicole Hanna.  It was a fun project to work on and I found that I wasn’t overwhelmed by it, even thought it contained some skills that I hadn’t tried before.  I was especially interested to see how the bail weave was done and how to work with a rivioli cabochon.

I worked through the piece step by step and took my time really enjoying the process.  When the time came to anchor a smaller weave that would be part of the pendant bail, I found some trouble.  I had been going step by step, not paying attention to the larger picture, but I realized that I needed to re-work some of the anchoring weave so the pattern would continue flawlessly.  I unwound the wire, but it was pretty kinked, so I tried to gently work through it to reweave the part I had messed up because I wasn’t looking at the end product…and the wire broke.  It was frustrating and at first I just stared at the piece wondering what to do, after all I was in the middle of anchoring something, not just weaving.  After a few minutes of thinking, I figured out how to incorporate a new piece of wire to weave and anchor the bail without concern that the bail wouldn’t be properly anchored.

It was a sweet victory to see the final piece and realize that I had conquered that unexpected hiccup by finishing the piece instead of giving up.  That is a skill I am trying to apply to my life.  There are always hiccups of one kind or another, some are harder to deal with than others, but they can all be conquered with thought, prayer, and help from God!

Since I am posting Week Four later than usual, I have had an opportunity to oxidize all of my raw copper pieces and my pictures will reflect that.  I am also posting pieces from previous weeks in their finished form.  Enjoy and have a great week!

Oxidized Faery’s Tear Pendant from Week Four
Oxidized Earring from Week Three
Oxidized Butterfly Pendant from Week Two
Oxidized Regal Loop Chain with Beads from Week One
Oxidized Regal Loop Chain from Week One
Oxidized Square Chain from Week One
Oxidized Double Wrapped Chain from Week One
Oxidized Figure Eight Chain from Week One

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