Week Seven…Challenging, But Possible

When I first started this project I scoured through all my tutorials and books to figure out 26 tutorials that I wanted to work on.  I wanted them to be challenging and include something new that I had to learn or something I needed to practice.  I also wanted to include the tutorials that I have had for a while, but pushed aside when it came to actually creating the item because I thought the tutorial would be something I couldn’t do.

The funny thing is that I have gotten some new tutorials because of a great sale and then a new book came out that I have been waiting for.  Last week and this week I have chosen two of my new tutorials to work on.  One because I simply couldn’t wait to try it and the other because it is one of those that I really want to do, but it would end up on my procrastination list. 🙂  Ah, the procrastination list, the place that looks so great filled with such good intentions, but never has any productivity.  I can live there if I am not careful because of fear.  I am a doer by nature, but it amazes me how I can become an avoider in this area.  There are always other projects and tasks that help me avoid and still do, so I guess it works out.  I am thankful that this challenge is forcing me to face that fear and do the things that I can and not let fear keep me away from creating beautiful things.

This tutorial that I chose to work on was Elf Ear Cuffs by Nicole Hanna.  This is definitely a tutorial that would have fallen into the procrastination pile because of fear that I really couldn’t complete it, or if I did it would be a huge mess of wire with a few beads thrown in for good measure.   The ear cuffs were a challenge, to be sure, but I persevered and I did it!

I think the biggest challenge I ran into was making a mirror image pair.  I knew that I wanted to make both ear cuffs as I went along to help them be similar.  I was faithfully making my way through the steps and several steps into the project I realized I was making two for the same ear.  It was disappointing and I tried to figure out if I could reverse a few things, to make it work for the other ear, but it couldn’t be done without a lot of damage to the wire, so I started over.

Here is a picture of the extra ear cuff I now have for the next pair I make…

Beginnings of another ear cuff

I was glad I started over.   I found it to be tricky to weave upside down and backwards to get the mirror image for this tutorial.  I also ran into the problem of my weave being so neat that I mistook the back part of the weave for the front, but I caught that one early and was able to make it right.

This project was one to grow my patience.  I didn’t want to give up, but I did have some moments of questioning my sanity as to why I define this torture, I mean artistry, as fun.

Finally, here are pictures  of the finished pair of ear cuffs.

Completed right Elf Ear Cuff
Completed left Elf Ear Cuff
Completed pair of Elf Ear Cuffs

I am pleased with how they turned out.  There are a couple of things I would like to improve, but they are basic techniques that will improve with practice.

Next week, I will be working on a bracelet from Sarah Thompson.  It is a video tutorial and will be the first time I have done a video tutorial, so that will be interesting.

I hope you will have the courage to try something new this week.  Maybe something on your own procrastination list.  Let’s be doers instead of avoiders.  I am learning that things that seem paralyzing from a distance are not that scary up close.  Until next week!


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