Week Fourteen…The Need for a Challenge

I was messing around with my torch for the first time this week…it was an interesting experience.  I was trying to create Ball Head Pins by melting copper wire with a torch.  It naturally balls up when it reaches a certain point.  It was very neat to watch, but I couldn’t get consistent results.  I need to figure out some more things before I experiment with it again, but it will be something that I play around with again.  Here is a picture of what I made…

My first attempt at Ball Head Pins

When I was choosing this week’s project, I was a little bit torn as to which project to pick.  I knew it would be a busy week with other projects taking up a lot of time and mental focus, so I thought about working on some more pendants as I have been over the last couple of weeks.  I also thought about working on a hair barrette tutorial that I purchased a while ago…this was prompted by the fact that I got a haircut last week and chopped about 17 inches off, so a cute barrette would work nicely.  I also thought about a bracelet tutorial that I have wanted to do for a couple of weeks, but life has been too busy with other stuff, so I have been putting it off for when things “calm down”.

Well after working my way through all of these thoughts and realizing that I am in a busy season and things aren’t going to calm down anytime soon, I decided I wanted a challenge and so I went for the bracelet.  It was a crazy decision for me  because I am a planner and like to be pretty sure that I will accomplish what I set out to do, but I took a leap of faith this week and started in on the project to see where it would take me.

The bracelet I am talking about is the Woven Wave Bracelet with Articulated Clasp.  It is a tutorial created by Sarah Thompson and part of a video class on craftsy.com.

When I started my bracelet I did the wire weaving part first.  I used the Modified Soumak Weave, which is the weave I learned in week eight.  When I first learned that weave I had a little trouble keeping the pattern consistent, so that was something that I was looking out for on this bracelet.  I used my magnifying glass to help me keep track of my progress in order to make sure I was consistent.  It really helped my woven sections to turn out well.

After my weaving sections I made the articulated clasp.  It was the first time I had attempted anything like that, but it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be.  One issue I ran into was that the eye part of my clasp was too large when I made it the first time around because the flat nose pliers I was using was larger than the one she used in the video.  I was able to use smaller flat nose pliers and make one in the correct size without much trouble.

The final component to this bracelet that I made was the two pieces of 14 gauge wire that I hammered and then textured.  It was a fun part of the procedure and went pretty quickly…I just had to make sure I was texturizing the wire and not my fingers. 🙂

The next thing I did was put all the components on an L-pin of wire to create the bracelet.  It was a tricky process that took me a little bit to get figured out.  The first issue I ran into was that the different pieces kept slipping off the L-pin.  The second was figuring out how to braid the different pieces to make something other than the mess they looked like.  Here is picture of the mess of wires I was fighting…I mean working with…

Mess of different components of the Woven Wire Bracelet

It was hard for the perfectionist in me to just “go with flow” of the wire and see where they ended up.  I worked with this probably a lot longer than I should have, but I know it was a good exercise for me.  I think there was a small part of me that didn’t want to finish at this point because I could not imagine finding beauty in this mess.  However, quitting was never an option…this week I wanted a challenge and here it was!  I made myself continue to braid and wrap the wire in different ways until I finally did see something beautiful emerging.  It was very exciting to say the least!

Here is a picture of the final product…

Completed Woven Wire Bracelet

The only trouble I ran into with the bracelet was that it was too small for my wrist.  It was sad, but someone else had this problem and they made the clasp longer to compensate for the difference, so that is what I ended up doing.

Longer hook to make up for the short length


Here are some more pictures to show the different sides and angles of the bracelet…

Completed Woven Wire Bracelet
Completed Woven Wire Bracelet
Completed Woven Wire Bracelet
Completed Woven Wire Bracelet

Didn’t it turn out lovely!  I can’t believe it.  There are so many reasons in my planner and perfectionist mind why it should not have worked, but it did.  It gives me a lesson in hope for my life that when things look like a complete mess, I can trust the Lord for the outcome to be beautiful…things don’t always turn out the way they appear.


2 thoughts on “Week Fourteen…The Need for a Challenge

  1. This turned out beautiful – you always inspire me. I enrolled in the same class and am looking forward to getting started on it.


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