Week Fifteen…Lacking A Graceful Touch and Patience

Sometimes you have those wonderful weeks where you set goals and things flow so smoothly and workout even better than you had planned.  Those are the weeks you feel like a super hero and you think you can accomplish anything.  That is where I am sure most people would love to live, I know I would.

This week wasn’t one of those wonderful weeks.  I started out in the place of “all things are possible” when I chose my project for this week.  The tutorial that I chose for this week was the Knot the Net Pendant by Corra Liew.  She does amazing delicate things with wire and I purchased several of her tutorials, but I have not attempted one until now.

I looked through the tutorial and thought it would be a challenge, but not too tough.  It is definitely something that you take your time and work though delicately so you don’t kink and break your wire because you are working with 28 gauge wire.  When I started I thought it would be nice to use pliers to help me pull on the wire to get my knots neat…that works if you don’t pull too hard.  I broke one of my wires a little over half way through the tutorial.

Here is a picture of how far I got…

First attempt at Knot the Net Pendant…until it broke

I was not a happy camper.  There was a lot of stuff going on this week and my attention was required elsewhere, so my focus was split.  I was feeling rushed to finish and didn’t take my time with the project.  I find when I rush, I lack the graceful touch and patience that is needed with most wire work.  I should have chosen some chunky thing that I could hammer and wad up and call it art, but I wouldn’t have been happy with it.  I did realize that this wasn’t the project for me this week, so I picked up a pendant that I had barely begun a couple of weeks ago, but ran out of time on.

So, my project for the week actually ended up being the Bead Vase Pendant by Nicole Hanna.  It wasn’t a hard pendant to complete, but I was still feeling stressed and rushed and that caused me to make mistakes in this project as well.  The difference is I was able to work around them and complete the pendant.

Here is the completed pendant…

Complete Bead Vase Pendant
Completed Bead Vase Pendant

I am amazed that it turned out as nice as it did.  Usually my emotions end up showing in my wire work…especially when I am stressed.  I found I really didn’t want to work on this project, not because I didn’t like the pendant, but because I had hoped to learn a new technique from the first tutorial I chose for this week.  It proved to be a really good exercise in building perseverance, which is part of the reason I wanted to do this challenge.  I finished and I am glad I did push through…which is a good thing for me to remember.  I have so many things that I start.  I used to be really good at following through on most of what I start, but over the past few years I have lost that good habit, but I am working on building it again…and with the Lord’s help I will be successful.

I plan to try the Knot the Net Pendant again in the not too distant future, but I will need to make sure I have the time to focus on it and take my time.  I guess it is helpful to know these things in order to succeed in what you set out to do, but it can be hard when your goals aren’t met.  Oh well, it is time for another week and for a new adventure in wire…I wonder what new lessons it will hold.  I am sure there will be plenty because life is always an adventure in some way…a journey with many ups and downs that I am learning to enjoy.


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