Week Seventeen…Decisions and the Time They Take

My project for this week is the Egg Pendant Tutorial by Nicole Hanna.  I purchased this tutorial a couple of years ago.  It is one that I wasn’t ready to make at the time, but I looked forward to the day when I would be brave enough to try it.  Well, this week I was brave enough. 🙂  The funny thing about it was the tutorial ended up not being that hard since I have been challenging myself to “hard” tutorials over the past few months.  It was right on par with the projects I have been making and I have comfortably reached a new level in my jewelry making skills and that is an exciting thing!  Now I move the bar higher and the tutorials I look forward to trying when I am brave enough are some from the book Fine Art Wire Weaving by Sarah Thompson and the Complex Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial by IMNIUM.  The great thing is I can tell that at my current rate it won’t be too long until I am ready to at least try them…they might not turn out the nicest, but trying them is what I am talking about…mastering them is a different subject.  I am so thankful for the courage and confidence the Lord is building in me through this challenge.

There are many things to consider in making jewelry, but the two that I tend to stress over are making a piece look nice and how long it takes me to make a piece.  Occasionally there will be something I don’t like about a piece, but I am getting to the point that I am pleased with how most things turn out at this point.  That is a victory because I tend to be a perfectionist, however I am seeing improvement in my ability to give myself the grace I freely give to others which makes the creative process so much easier.

Because I want things to look really nice, it can take me a while to get the piece to look the way I want it to.  Time adding up can be stressful, especially if I want to sell the piece I am working on and not charge an exorbitant price for my time involved.  I have been trying to identify what takes the most time in order to try and be more efficient, if possible.  When I was working on the Egg Pendant this week I realized how much time I spend trying to make decisions.  It was actually quite surprising and a little ridiculous to realize how much time it can take me to make a decision, especially if I am not sure about it and then I can procrastinate about making the decision all the while trying to move onto the next step of the jewelry piece.

An example of this would be working out the curves  early on in the Egg Pendant.  I didn’t have an oval bead like the tutorial called for, so I used a round one that was close to the measurement of the oval bead.  The shape of the bead changed the shape of the pendant and required a lot of working with to get a look that flowed with the shape of the bead.  I ended up spending close to two hours of my time on this alone, but I was happy with the end result and it helped the rest of my pendant turn out well.  I have learned the importance of the placement of early parts of a wrap in relationship to later parts of a wrap.  I learned this through a few mistakes that couldn’t be fixed once I realized they needed it…because they were made early on in the project.

Egg Pendant in progress…The curves and swirls at the bottom middle of the pendant are the places I messed with for a couple of hours.

So while it is important to take the time to make sure things are flowing and looking nice, I need to be careful that I don’t get sucked into the vortex of perfectionism, decision making, and procrastination.  I need to remember that it is okay to make a wrong turn and not freeze on making a necessary decision.  I think this will help me cut out a lot of the wasted time in a project overall.  I will also continue looking for ways to improve my timing and keep the good quality, but not lose the joy in creating.

Here are pictures of the completed Egg Pendant…

Completed Egg Pendant
Completed Egg Pendant

This week I also oxidized several pieces that I created over the past few weeks along with the new ball chain I got to turn my pendants into necklaces.  I am really excited how they all turned out!  I was also playing around with some chainmaille pieces, but I didn’t get them finished, so I will share them later.

Here are some pictures showing the oxidized pieces…

Oxidized Bead Vase Pendant from Week Fifteen
Oxidized Bead Vase Pendant from Week Fifteen
Oxidized Wire Woven Bracelet from Week Fourteen
Oxidized Wire Woven Bracelet from Week Fourteen (another angle)

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