Week Eighteen…Unfinished Steps, a Store, and Grace

What a week this has been!  I have been working on opening up an Etsy store to sell my jewelry.  It has turned out to need quite a bit of thought and quite a large amount of work even though I have been working on it for several weeks in different stages.  The last couple of days my mind has felt like jelly…you know when you crammed for a test in college and high school, but now I am rested and can hopefully complete a coherent blog entry.

The tutorial I chose to do for this week is the Love’s Embrace Ring by Perri Jackson (Shaktipaj Designs).  I have her Mother’s Ring tutorial which is a more simple version of the Love’s Embrace Ring and would have been something I could have finished this week most likely, but I went for the harder version…after all this is a challenge. 🙂

Well, the truth is I bit off more than I could chew and when I got into making the ring I realized that I didn’t have most of the supplies I needed to make it.  The reason this is odd is because before I started this challenge I went through and picked out the tutorials I wanted to focus on and made sure I had all the materials I needed and purchased most of what I didn’t have.  The exception to this was 20 gauge half round wire, which is required for this tutorial.  I figured at the time (back in June) I would be able to weave a band or something to make it okay…note to self don’t assume anything without reading the directions in detail.

The bottom line of all of this is early in the week I figured out how to make the beads I have work, but it was quite a challenge.  There was math involved…which usually isn’t fun, but is often necessary in wire work.  The great news is I figured out the bead issue part and was able to work my way through the first part of the ring.  The bad part is the more I read ahead, I realized I really did need the 20 gauge half-round wire.  There is no way I was going to trust a ring band to hold up with 2 little pieces of 24 gauge wire with one piece of 26 gauge wire thrown in, so I ordered the wire and it should be here this week.  So as a result of this, my ring isn’t finished, but should be by next week.  I know I made the right choice by waiting and doing it right.  Part of my pride is stung by not having a “finished” piece this week, but I will get over it.

I did learn a new technique this week and it was great once I got it down.  I found the beginning to be a little bumpy because I am used to Nicole Hanna’s tutorial lingo and progressions, so there will obviously be differences as I do tutorials from different people.  I am thankful that I stuck it out this week through all of the changes I had to do in order to work with what I had.  I will definitely order the proper type of beads if I make this ring again, but this has been an excellent way to make me think outside of the box and work outside of my comfort zone and make me think.

Here is a picture of the first part of the ring I have completed…



Isn’t it a neat beginning of a ring!  I look forward to sharing the final piece with you next week.

Some things I learned this week…

~Thinking outside the box is hard, but it is possible and can make me stronger and more versatile.

~Trying and failing isn’t failure…trying and giving up is.

~I need to give myself grace, especially when I don’t accomplish what I thought I should have.

~Grace is a wonderful thing…it lets us get up and continue on when we have fallen.

~Things don’t have to be perfect for the job to be completed.

~I would rather take the time to do a good job rather than just finish the job.

By the way, here is link to my new Etsy store…


I will be adding more as I can get them listed.  It is so exciting that it is actually open…I tried a few years ago to sell some things and it didn’t work out.  I am a crafter and creator, not a sales person and it can be quite scary to put your stuff out there for sale…rejection comes hard to anyone and it can be my Achilles heal at times.  I think this time will be better because my skills have improved so much in that time and I am more confident in the pieces that I am offering.


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