Week Twenty…A Quick Project and A Long Term Investment

Lately I have been feeling really stressed trying to get in my jewelry project and it has started to feel more like work than the fun it usually is.  My husband reminded me I needed to find fun in it again and not just choose projects because it would teach me something, so this week I did something a little different.

I was originally going to do some soldering, but then I realized that I would really like to have my jewelry making supplies organized so I can find things without having piles of stuff to go through.  I started by removing everything off of my bookcases and then I looked at them and realized that it would be really fun to have pretty shelves that inspired creativity…instead of making me think yuck and I hate having mismatched shelves, but I am thankful for the storage room they provide.  So there I found myself three projects later looking at pinterest trying to find that pin I had saved for the “perfect” moment when I finally found the gumption to paint my laminate book cases.  I though it sounded silly to try, but I got brave and believed pinterest…first mistake, but we will get to that…

I figure out what I would need and then I purchased some supplies.  The first bookcase went fine, but I realized this project was going to take a lot more time than I had anticipated.  It was when I started on the second bookcase that I realized that pinterest lied.  The primer was supposed to stick, but it didn’t…I could see it balling up like water does after applying RainX.  I tried some sanding, but that still didn’t work well.  Then I went to the store and bought the more expensive primer that boasts “sticks to glossy and laminate surfaces without sanding” and hoped for the best.  I applied some of it and it did a little better, but it was still balling up in some places.  I returned the expensive primer because it lied.  I found myself wishing I never started the project, but I had so I could only move forward.  My husband used his belt sander and heavily sanded the bookcase and then I added some of my original primer and praise the Lord it worked!  He spent a lot of time fully sanding that bookcase for me and I felt a little guilty (for taking up so much of his time) and a whole lot loved.  There was one more bookcase that was going to need sanding, but I decided it wasn’t worth saving and donated it instead.  Now I begin this week with one of my bookcases completely painted and the other one sanded and ready to prime and paint.

Here is a picture of the bookcases before I started any of the process…

Before picture of the three bookcases

Here is the one I have finished painted…

After picture of the white bookcase
After picture of the white bookcase

I know I will be very happy with them when they are finished, but I certainly bit off more that I anticipated.  Sometimes I think that is how the Lord gets us to do things that we never would normally…by not showing us the whole picture…but in the end it is always worth it!

Now while I was working on my jewelry supply storage space I did finish a chainmaille bracelet that I started a few weeks ago.  The chainmaille pattern I used is the Japanese 12-2 weave and I made flowers with it.  There isn’t a specific tutorial I used, but there are many online that can be used.

I decided to use the Bell Woven Toggle Clasp that I made in Week Nine from a Nicole Hanna tutorial to finish off the bracelet.  I had already oxidized the clasp, so it is different color from the chainmaille in these pictures, but I plan to oxidize the chainmaille part also.

Here are some pictures of the finished piece…

Completed Japanese 12-2 Chainmaille Bracelet with Bell Woven Toggle Clasp
Complete Japanese 12-2 Chainmaille Bracelet with Bell Woven Toggle Clasp
Completed Japanese 12-2 Chainmaille Bracelet with Bell Woven Toggle Clasp
Completed Japanese 12-2 Chainmaille Bracelet with Bell Woven Toggle Clasp

I am please with how the bracelet turned out and it was fun to change up the pace of things a little bit.  I am excited about the upcoming week’s project and looking forward to finishing my bookcase and organizing project.  I hope you have a great week!


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