Week Twenty-Two…A Remake and Realizing I Don’t Want to Learn Something

The tutorial I chose for this week was a free tutorial that IMNIUM recently released.  It was for a woven band technique that could be used in many different ways, not a completed project.  I had never attempted anything like this, so it was a new experience to be sure.

I cut my wire and took my time in trying to figure out the directions…it is a free tutorial, so there is a little guess work involved.  When I began I left enough extra wire so I could end the woven band without running into problems.  I started this project holding it in my hand, but quickly realized that I needed a clamp because I had to hold it pretty tight and my hand was aching already.  I switched to a spring clamp I had and things seemed to be going along pretty well until I got a little ways above where the clamp was holding it.  I re-positioned the weave and tried to get it  straight, but wasn’t successful.  I was quickly coming to the conclusion that this project wasn’t something I really wanted to learn.  I had the basic technique down, but I found the process a little boring and I knew it was going to take a lot of patience and time for me to figure out how to get a consistent weave.  I found it encouraging to realize that by being able to eliminate this type of weaving I had identified part of my jewelry “style”.   Figuring out my style is really another long term goal for me and one I should have realized this challenge would help me in.  I desire to take wire and beads or cabochons and just create and see what comes of it, but I haven’t had the confidence in my abilities and thought I would end up with a wad of wire and my perfectionist side could not stand that. 🙂  Did I mention I am so thankful for how small that perfectionist side has become thanks to all of the growth through this challenge!

Anyway, since I decided I really didn’t want to put the time in to perfect this new weaving technique and I also didn’t want to continue to waste wire, I stopped the project after a few rows.

Here is a picture of how far I did get…

Weaving Technique from IMNIUM Tutorial
Weaving Technique From IMNIUM Tutorial

It is an interesting project and I may pick it up again some day, but right now I have so many other things I really want to make and I am realizing how valuable my time is and how I need to focus and prioritize things so they get done instead of thinking I can do everything.

So, I found myself midweek with a project I really didn’t want to do and family and Thanksgiving right around the corner, so I momentarily freaked out trying to figure out how I could end up with a completed project in spite of the time crunch.

When I started this challenge I switched to using only raw copper wire on the projects because I grew tired of using plated and coated wires that would end up with scratches and tool marks no matter how careful I was.  I have been so pleased with this choice because I can file and buff out any marks that end up on the wire and I really like the finished look of the oxidized copper.  As a result there are several pieces I have wanted to remake with my new wire, and that is what I ended up doing for my “finished piece” for the week.

The piece that I did a remake of was the Candle Flame Pendant which I made following the tutorial by Nicole Hanna.  (I am sure by now you can tell I prefer Nicole Hanna tutorials to any other. 🙂 )  When I made the first one I didn’t actually like the pendant as I was making it, but after I finished it I really did like it.  This taught me to wait until I complete a piece to decide if I like it or not.

When I start making a piece, there can be some doubt in my mind wondering if I can actually make a piece.  This was one of the reasons I wanted to do this challenge…to battle that and grow past it.  This week I am seeing the fruit of that growth.  When I started making the new Candle Flame Pendant, that question popped into my head…will I be able to make this.  The answer was almost immediate…of course I can…I already have made it!  It was a great thing to just simply make a piece and not waste time on whether I could or not.  I hope that confidence is something that continues to grow in me!  Things went really well and fast on making the new pendant and I did it while enjoying time with family.

Here is a picture of the first Candle Flame Pendant I made using Vintaj Parawire…

Candle Flame Pendant made with Vintaj Parawire


Here are pictures of the one I made this week using raw copper wire…

Candle Flame Pendant made with Raw Copper Wire
Candle Flame Pendant made with Raw Copper Wire

I didn’t have time to oxidize the pendant this week, so I will do that at a later time and post more pictures when it is finished.

One thing I found interesting in remaking this piece is how differently they turned out even though I followed the same tutorial.  I guess that is why each wire wrapped piece really is one of a kind because when you make things by hand there will always be variations of some kind.  There is something really special about handcrafted things and I am thankful that I can create some of those things.

Here is a picture of both pendants so you can see the differences…

Candle Flame Pendants (Vintaj Parawire on left) (Raw Copper Wire on right)

This week December will begin and it will be a very full week for me, and I am sure that your schedules are very full too!  I hope you have a great week and things don’t get too crazy for you…or for me!  May the Lord help us all as we go through life this coming week!



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