Week Twenty-Five…Least But Not Last

The tutorial I chose this week was the Earth Mother Pendant by Nicole Hanna.  It was a very straight forward tutorial that I had fun working on and didn’t really take me that long to do.

The tutorial calls for an oval bead, but I have already used the oval beads I have in that size in other projects, so I chose to use a tube bead of the same size and it turned out fine.

Here are some pictures of the completed pendant…

Completed Earth Mother Pendant
Side View of Earth Mother Pendant
Side View of Earth Mother Pendant
Top View of Earth Mother Pendant

I will oxidize it next week along with my other projects and finish up the challenge with completed and oxidized pieces, so stay tuned next week for those pictures.

Do you want to know something funny?  Well I didn’t actually set out to complete the tutorial listed above at the beginning of the week.  I had actually been working on something else.  I wanted to complete something really complicated for my “final” project which would have been next week’s project.  However, I was uncertain I would have the time needed to complete it because Christmas is next week, so I thought I would tackle it this week.  Well I began on it and the stress was building because I didn’t think I was going to finish it this week either due to feeling a little under the weather and normal busyness of this time of year…and to be honest I reached the point that I would be trying something new and I was feeling apprehensive about doing it.  (Yes, I know we have conquered that already, but it will probably be something to conquer again from time to time.)  So I opted to pull out a tutorial to complete this week that I have been eyeing for a couple of weeks and that is the project above (Mother Earth Pendant).

Now I head into this week…my final week of the challenge…with a good start on my project, but ready to complete the new techniques that I was apprehensive about last week!

Here is a picture of the components of next week’s project…

Components for next week’s project

Can you guess what I am making?

Sorry, I am not going to tell you yet.

Stay tuned for the final project of the Jewelry Making Challenge and I hope it will turn out great…to be worthy of the finale. 🙂  Have a blessed week!



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