Summer Challenge Week #1…When a Tutorial Goes Awry

The first week of my summer challenge has gone well.  I chose to do the Twisted Pendant or Earrings Tutorial by Nicole Hanna.  I opted to make a pendant instead of earrings.  I am finding that I don’t enjoy making earrings very much.  The mirroring aspect drives me crazy because of trying to get them to match perfectly, so I avoid that stress unless I absolutely cannot avoid it.  I hope one day I will grow out of it, but until I do I will manage it by avoidance. 🙂  Onto my piece for this week…the Twisted Pendant.

This tutorial turned out to be a pretty fun one to do.  I was surprised that I was able to sit and make it without a lot of drama and stress.  This is especially surprising because there were two places the I had to alter the tutorial to make it work with what I had made.  I will point out these areas in the pictures to come.

Here are some pictures of the completed piece…

Completed Twisted Pendant
Completed Twisted Pendant
Twisted Pendant-Bottom View


In the picture above on the right side below the bead is the first place where I needed to alter the tutorial.  In my shaping of the piece I ended up with a lot of extra space that shouldn’t have been there, so I needed to cover it up somehow.  I ended up saving the base wires instead of trimming them because I was already aware of this problem and that would give me some extra wire when I needed it.  I am also thankful that I always add 10cm of extra length to each of my base wires in case I need extra and this time I did!  I think it turned out well and I am encouraged that I didn’t stress out at all, I actually was confident I would figure it out and could make it look nice. Now that may not seem like a big deal to some, but if you have read any of my entries from the early part of my Jewelry Making Challenge from last year you will know that it is a huge measure of growth because something like this would shut me down before and in my mind I couldn’t finish the piece because I wasn’t making the tutorial…yes I know I have issues…but I am conquering them with the Lords help and facing the hard things instead of running away. 🙂

Twisted Pendant-Top View

The second issue I ran into was in the area pictured above.  If you look up the tutorial picture on Nicole Hanna’s page you will see that the tutorial actually has the swirl with the coiled wire and bare wire (top right side above bead) a lot larger, more in the center, and the jump ring going through it.  That was actually what I did and thought I had finished the piece but I noticed where I had anchored those final base wires wasn’t holding very well so I tried to make it more secure and I realized I hadn’t secured it around other base wires like I thought.  Another weave had gotten close enough to the bead that I had mistaken it as the place where the wire went through the bead, but it wasn’t.  I was disappointed at this and wondered what I could do.  I considered just keeping the piece as is, anchoring it as well as I could, and keeping the piece for myself since I would know I needed to be careful with it.  The more I thought about it the more it bothered me, so I ended up pulling the swirl tighter so I could reach the nearest base wires to secure it on and anchored them properly.  I am glad I fixed it and overall I am pleased with the pendant.  I do think I might try it again in the future and pay more attention to where I am doing my anchoring.  That is the first time I have done that but it may not be the last, however at least I know how to fix it.  I think that is one of the most fascinating things about wire is its versatility.  You can do most anything with it and in the end it will come out looking pretty good…if you keep going.

I do have another piece that I made several weeks ago to share, but it isn’t technically part of the challenge. 🙂

I made  the Sunset Clouds Pendant using the tutorial by Nicole Hanna.  It was a really fun piece to make.  The construction of this piece was really different from the normal methods used in Nicole Hanna tutorials, but it was a great learning experience.  There were a couple of places I did some things a little different.  It is exciting to see myself being okay with the piece not matching the tutorial perfectly.  I am having a lot more fun in creating and that is the way I want it.

Here are some pictures of the completed piece…

Completed Sunset Clouds Pendant
Completed Sunset Clouds Pendant
Sunset Clouds Pendant-Close Up

Well, I guess that is all for now.  I will pick out a new tutorial to start on Monday.  I am thinking a bracelet, but we shall see.  I hope you all have a blessed week!




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