Summer Challenge Week #3…Learning to Fly

This has been a bit of a hectic week for me and I have been scrambling to get my piece finished so I could post today instead of on Sunday like usual since tomorrow is Father’s Day and I have a packed day of visiting with loved ones.  I did get it made, but didn’t have time to oxidize it.  So you will see the raw copper piece this week, but I will post the oxidized piece next week. 🙂

The piece I made this week was the Crawling Vine Pendant using the tutorial by Nicole Hanna.  It was an interesting piece to construct because of it being an elongated pendant.  It was my first time in making something like this.  I am glad for the new experience it provided, but it was a little out of my comfort zone.

I tried to follow the tutorial, but the more I got into it I found I needed to make some changes so I would like the piece I was creating.  The piece I ended up with looked incomplete so I added a little bit more wire to it.  This isn’t a problem and I am so thankful that my basic wire weaving skills have developed to to the place that I don’t have to be told how to fix a problem or make something look nice, but I was a little frustrated that I didn’t match the tutorial piece because that is what I had planned to do.   In my first challenge I became quite adept at matching what the creator of the tutorial did.  In this challenge, I have found myself struggling to match the original work and wondering if I would be able to make a piece look just like the creator of the tutorial had made like I used to.  The funny thing is this was registering as a problem, but then I realized it isn’t…I am branching out on my own and like a baby bird learning to fly I am spreading my wings.  It is a bit scary, but it is a great thing!  I just have to make sure my perspective is correct and I am seeing what I make from that side and not from the negative side of “mine doesn’t look like theirs and since that was my goal I failed”.  I have been feeling that desire to spread my wings even more; to cut some wire, pick a bead and see where it leads without any tutorials.   It is something that I plan to do in the coming weeks, but we shall see when it comes to fruition.

Here are some pictures of my completed pendant…

Crawling Vine Pendant
Crawling Vine Pendant-Top View
Crawling Vine Pendant-Bottom View

I think it turned out nice, but it isn’t one of my favorite pieces.  I am interested to see how oxidizing will change that.  I am always amazed at how much more detail stands out in a piece once it has been oxidized and I usually like it more.

Well, that is it for this week!  I hope that you have a great week and a blessed Father’s Day.  If it is a hard time for you then I pray that God will comfort you and heal your hurts.  If it is a good time for you then I pray you will have great joy in celebrating.



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