Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Quick Update

I wanted to write a quick update for those of you that actually read my blog.  I haven’t posted anything lately due to the sudden passing of my sister on August 26th.  My Summer Jewelry Challenge has ended and I won’t be posting anything for the last two weeks of it because I didn’t finish the project for Week #13 and I never made anything for Week #14.  It has been a very hard and emotionally draining week and a half.  There is a lot to grieve and process with this and I will need time to do that.  I don’t know how much I will be posting in September.  I do plan another small jewelry challenge for the month of October, so I should be back then.  This isn’t how I wanted the challenge to end, but we never want the hard things of life to enter into our carefully laid out plans.

I will say good bye for now.  I hope September is a good month for you and a healing month for my family and myself!