My name is Latisha Leppert.  I am a wife, daughter of the King, crafter, homemaker (which just means work is never done), planner, organizer, and much more.  I love things to be organized and tidy, but life rarely ever falls into those categories, so I am learning to live well, love it, and see beauty in the messiness.

I have a Facebook page to show what I am making and selling.  Here are the links…

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. The Stacked Bracelet you made is “perfection”! I have made a few, BUT I found the tutorial a bit daunting. The woven strips are 7″ and the two side bangles are to be recut to 7 1/4″ after hammering. How did you get your hammered pieces to not curl and then set up with the 7″ woven strip? Thank you


    1. Thank you! The 14 gauge pieces that were hammered and textured did want to curl on me, but I straightened them as I went after I hammered them. It took a lot of strong arming the wire since 14 gauge is so hefty, but I was able to get it…you just need to be careful of work hardening it. I think on of the reasons I was so successful with this bracelet was beacuse I had already made a more difficult version in Week Fourteen of my challenge with the Woven Wire Bracelet that it from the craftsy.com class Sarah Thompson teaches on bracelets. There is a whole section devoted to the hammered strips and she offers a lot of tips for doing it. If you look up Week Fourteen you will find a more detailed entry about me making that bracelet and that is what helped me to make this bracelet much nicer and quicker. I hope this helps.


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