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October 2016 Jewelry Challenge Week #4…Something New

This is the final week for my October 2016 Jewelry Challenge!  I know a month isn’t too long, but it has gone by even quicker than I thought it would!  Tuesday will start November and that means Thanksgiving will be here before you know it followed closely by Christmas…but we won’t talk about that right now to avoid too much stress. 🙂

The theme for this week was “something new”.  There were a few “new” things for me this week, the main one being I have been working on an arm cuff.  I haven’t made one before and so far it has been an interesting challenge.  I say so far because I actually haven’t finished it.  The arm cuff I am working on is a custom order and I felt the need to take my time and make sure I capture what my customer wanted.  Due to the lack of uncertainty that can come with new things and all of the weaving that needs done up front I decided to just focus on the majority of the weaving this week and then I will be able to focus on ending the arm cuffs which is where designing and lots of critical thinking will come into play.  This week I have just had fun focusing on the weaving.

Here is a picture of the different weaves I have been working on and will be incorporating into the arm cuff…

Weaving for Arm Cuff Band

There has been lots of  weaving because I am working on having 10 inches of each weave for my starting point in the band section of the cuff.  Something else that is new for me is working with half hard base wires.  It will help add to the structural integrity of the cuff which is needed, but I am really missing my 22 gauge dead soft wire.  I am learning more patience as I do all of this weaving while working with 18 inches of 18 gauge half hard wire.

I didn’t want to end my challenge with an unfinished project, but I know the right decision is to take the needed time and do it right.  I am not disappointed about this and that is something else new.  In the past, an unfinished project would have been a failure to me, but I am thankful to say I can see past today to the end of the project and it looks so much brighter at the thought of taking the necessary time.

I plan to share the finished piece once I do complete it, but it may be a week or two.  It will be a great learning experience for me!

Well, I guess that is it for this challenge.  I plan to take November and December off from any challenges so I can enjoy the holiday season.  I will continue to make jewelry, but it will be at a different pace.  We will see what the new year holds in the way of new challenges.

I hope you all have a blessed week!